August 11, 2007

Time-Lapse Photography on the N73!

Yup, you read that correctly. In case you're not familiar with the term, time-lapse photography involves the manipulation of time to speed up processes.

Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye -- such as the motion of clouds in the sky, the opening of flowers or the growing of plants, people commuting, everyday traffic in the city or even an ice cube melting -- become very pronounced.

Although time-lapse cinematographers use sophisticated (and often expensive) equipment, S60 users can now do the same at no added cost! Infact, all that you need is a simple Python script for your phone, and ofcourse, some sort of a mounting system if you're going to capture moving pictures at any rate slower than the standard 24 frames per second.

Credit goes to Anteater @ the Foozia Blog for developing a Python script for the N80 -- although it is incompatible with the N73. Hence, I decided to play with it a bit and voila! Click here to download! Before running, create a new folder called 'timelapse' in e:\Python

Once you set this up and run the script, it'll ask for a project name, followed by the number of images that should be taken along with the time delay. Other parameters include image size (0.3MPix to 1.3MPix), flash mode, exposure mode and white balance. When its done snapping, you'll get a prompt on the screen. You can later use QuickTime or a GIF Editor to make your own movies. Enjoy!

P.S You need to have Python installed on your phone first. In case you're not familiar with that, follow the steps below:

  • Download the Python for S60 interpreter application and the script shell for your phone from here

  • For the N73, the files you need to get are named as follows: PythonForS60_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis and PythonScriptShell_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis

  • Send these to your phone and install Python, followed by the Script Shell to your memory card.

  • Send any python script (*.py) to e:\Python

  • Next, run Python from the Menu and select the script you want to run.

UPDATE: This script also works with the E90.


GammaGoblin said...

Hi there. Just noticed your comment on the Foozia Blog about the Python time lapse thingy. I too have given it a go and you can find the results on my blog.

You've a nice little blog set up regarding the N73, I hope you keep it going. I bought an N73 a few months back and I've had mixed results with it. Like you pointed out, you deffinately need to upgrade the firmware as soon as you get it. The quality of the camera is excellent but the flash is very basic. I would have expected some sort of primitive metering on the flash output but instead it just blasts the same amount no matter what the light is like. Plus the always-on AF light is more than annoying. Now I'll freely admit that im a pervert, but having this light on while a picture is being taken does more than just scare away the girls. It has ruined many a night shot and macro shot for me. Plus all my old Symbian v2 apps dont work on it which was very disappointing. All in all though, a nice little phone :)

T M said...

Appreciate the compliments...thanks! Anyway, I totally agree with you -- an imaging specialist really deserves some sort of metering system on the flash! And yeah, like you, I totally despise the always-on AF light. I'm surprised you forgot to mention the blue LED that blinks on and on and on. Then there's another thing: on certain N73s (Euro variants, I believe), it's impossible to turn off the camera sound! Hehe, but these are just minor gripes...wouldn't you agree? The phone itself is top-notch otherwise, and surely an eye-catcher.

P.S That really is one interesting camera mounting system you got there btw...must've cost a fortune =p

GammaGoblin said...

Actually the sponge was a bit more pricey than I expected.

The flashing blue LED doesnt annoy me really. What annoys me is that it has no real purpose! Wouldnt it have been nice to allow the user to assign it some importance? Surely having it flash when you have an unread message or missed call would make more sense?

Not sure about not being able to turn off the shutter sound on its own, but you can deffinately disable it by muting all system and warning sounds :)

T M said...

Yup, that would be awesome...just like in Samsung phones, since it's quite convenient and looks cool too!

Well, I've actually tried EVERYTHING, including the warning tones bit...but all is in vain. You just cannot turn off the sound! And it turns out I'm not the only one with this issue either =/

Mavi said...

This is so gooooood script, thanks for it... it's work fine with N93i, thanks thanks thanks!!!

T M said...

Glad you liked it! I never got the chance to test it on the thanks for the valuable info!

Mavi said...

It's working too with closed N93i, it's perfect to stabilizing it, when you have open N93i, it's hard to stabilize.... thanks thanks thanks!!

Mavi said...

Sorry for spamming, here is my first try to timelapse!

T M said...

Mavi, that's AMAZING, especially the subtle motion of the clouds in the background...a great job!

I'd love to know what settings you used for this e.g. delay time, number of images etc :)

Mavi said...

I used 25 seconds pause between frames, and this timelapse is created with 302 frames, from time 3:37AM to 7:04AM ... no flash and everything setted to AUTO (sorry for my bad english, I'am 17 years old boy from Czech Republic :cD....) today I want to try 10 or 6 second pause between frames, and I play it slower, for editing I use Pinnacle Studio 10, thats all, ask me when do you want to know anything,

Anonymous said...

i dont really like blogs and/or bloggers but this works like a charm and i love it. thanks :D

T M said...

Glad I could help out :)