January 29, 2008

Update: The N73 SMS Reader!

Ever since the first version of the N73 SMS Reader was rolled out a few weeks ago, I've received several requests for additional features, the most interesting one being the ability to read out any existing text message from the inbox or from sent messages. This updated release of the SMS Reader addresses that issue and introduces many new features too.

If you haven't already tried out the previous version or wish to read more about it, have a look at my original post here.


The N73 SMS Reader is a convenient and innovative text-to-speech message reader and inbox backup solution for your smartphone. It enables you to take full control of your text messages using simple joystick navigation and reads out all messages for you without letting you strain your eyes to read from the phone screen.

You can also make backup copies of all your messages using the N73 SMS Reader. If you happen to accidentally delete an important SMS, or your SMS database becomes corrupted, you can then rely on the backup copy that the program has created for you.

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Key Features:

  • Reads out existing text messages straight from the inbox or even from sent items whenever requested
  • Reads out new text messages either at user request or immediately when they arrive
  • Activity Icon for alerting the user whenever the program works in the background
  • Simple and Intuitive controls
  • Message Preview Option for displaying the last received message without actually opening it
  • Inbox Backup tool for exporting all messages to file


This program is designed for S60 3rd Edition phones. It has been tested on Nokia 3250, N71, N73, N80, N91, N93, N95 and N95 8GB currently but will work with ALL devices.


Please follow the instructions in the exact order listed as the program might not work otherwise.
  • This program uses the latest version of Python for S60. Remove any older versions before proceeding.
  • Install the Python for S60 application (PythonForS60_1_4_2_3rdEd.sis) to phone memory.
  • Install the script shell (PythonScriptShell_1_4_2_3rdEd.sis) to phone memory.
  • Sign the N73 SMS Reader (N73_SMS_Reader_v1_5_UNSIGNED.sis).
  • Send it to your phone and install it.

Download Links:

P.S All the required files are provided below.




bugb@OPDA said...

I'm the developer of TTSMS, when I see your post on ipmart I'm wondering someone has stolen my app.same icon, same uid, same exe,rsc......etc
But, nevermind, I wanna tell you that you can use ensymble to build the py standalone app for different uid. and you forget to pack the config.dat to the sis, so your app doesn't work for other people. please check it before release. if you wanna give credit to me,you can give it to bugb@OPDA

Anonymous said...

This version doesn't work on my n95 - the 0.5 version works :(

Could you explain, why on my sons nokia 5700 sms would be spoken much MUCH better (sounds nearly like real spoken - not so cheap computer sound)?


Abul Hussain said...

Can you host it somewhere else, Rapidshare sucks!

Taha M said...

Hey bugb! Thanks for writing in. It isn't like that. You see, I did mention you in my original post about the TTSMS over here some weeks ago. As a matter of fact, I have also credited you for the original concept for TTSMS in all the python scripts so far. Have a look at the py files if you don't believe me.

I'm already aware about ensymble. The thing that's different about this app from the original TTSMS is that it doesn't need any separately bundled configuration file to work. Also, I've tried to make it less resource-hungry by using fewer modules and containing them within the original sis file.

With that being said, thanks for the original idea behind TTSMS :)

Taha M said...

@abul: I'll take a leaf from Zach's notebook and post it to box.net.

Hope that suits you :)

Taha M said...

Hey Mika, please try downloading this version again. I've just tested it and it's working on the N73 ME perfectly.

Although I'm not 100% sure, but the reason why it may sound better on the 5700 is because this app use's the phone's built-in text-to-speech capabilities to work.

Phones like the 5700, 6120c etc undoubtedly have better text-to-speech capabilities, in the sense that you can even have different voice packages installed on them as compared to older devices, like the N80 and N73 which have the 'cheap' computerised voice.

Anonymous said...

Gday mike thx for the application ,ive installed all thre application in the order you metioned both on the n73 and the n95 8gb and im getting an error message ( error) system 2 .
Do you have any ideas.

Abul Hussain said...

@Taha - Thanks man, just can't get Rapidshare to download for me.
Expect a post of it once I get it to work. Neat App.

Taha M said...

@abul: Thanks, would really appreciate that. I'm currently trying to iron out a few bugs in it. In case it doesn't work with you, do try out the older version that's posted here. That will work flawlessly.

bugb@OPDA said...

lol!if you know ensymble, why don't you use another uid to build the whole standalone app yourself?

Taha M said...

Because, like i said already in my post, your app was my main motivation and I wanted the current version to improve on it even further, hence the same packaging, but different py files.

Anyway, do have a look at the one posted above. Although it works perfectly on the N73 and N80, it is causing a few issues on the N95. Would appreciate your input :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you help me please how do i Sign N73_SMS_Reader as i dont know how to Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi all, how do I get the TTMS Reader Signed?

Anonymous said...

how to sign in n73 readea?pls help me,my phone has got stuck

Taha M said...

Have a look here for an excellent tutorial on the signing process.

RaelGabriel said...

Hi...still unable to load the latest version of your app on my N95-1. As you suggested on the Symbian Freak forum, I made sure that I have got some messages in the In and Out boxes, but still no luck. App is showing in the Applications on my phone but will not fully initiate. The top of the screen changes, in the region of the battery and signal indicators (as it does with the previous version) but then it does not load. There are no warning messages. I will continue to use the older version which works fine. Thanks for all your work in developing this great app!

Taha M said...

Hey Rael! Thanks for writing in. Yes, this issue is quite perplexing. But don't worry, a fix is just around the corner (I hope) :p

ale_mar said...

I don't know what kind of mistake I'm making... it does not work at all on my N73! Is there a why? :'(

Taha M said...

I'm making a few changes currently to the program. Stay tuned for an update!

Meir said...

Hi, I try signing the app in the opensign site and I get this error:

FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0xf0201133 )

how do I sign it?

blu mar ten said...

hi there..

I would really like to try this app, but the signing process is proving impossible. I've tried about 6 different solutions and none of them work.

How can i sign it? :0/


Anonymous said...

As many others, I want to say there's no way to sign this app. :(

Anonymous said...

on the nokia n82 ttsms do not worked! why? help, please...

Anonymous said...

in my nokia n73, it is working but only onw button is showing, autoread message on/off.... thats it...
no activity icon, no go to message no read message...
anyways, this software could be better if reader voice can be changed..and even better if some better speech engine which can speak like real, not like computer pronouncing words....

W-cH\'s said...


this program is not working on my n73 with firmware v 4.08

it just flashes and closes

i have installed phyton 1.44 on my phone memory.

i can run another phyton based application such as phyton script shell and instsvr on off.

please anyone help me...


but, the old version of this program worked well on my phone

i wonder why