August 5, 2007

The Nokia Series 60 Experience

To start things off, I've been a huuge supporter of the Series 60 platform for a long while now (In case you don't know what Series 60 is, please take the time and google it!) Anyway, it's what makes ordinary cellphones much smarter...more like small 'multimedia computers' (the term that Nokia's coined for their Nseries).

I've had quite an experience with Nokia Phones...from my first Nokia 6610 to my current Nokia N73 Music Edition. Some years ago, having a diminutive colour screen, the ability to write messages on the fly and playing a few java games on your cellphone meant a lot to everyone. Infact, it was the Nokia 6610 that had me thinking about Series 60 in the first place. Could phones get any smarter? Sadly, I thought otherwise.

It was only when I was introduced to the 7650, followed by the 6600 that I realized how wrong I was. Here were phones that could clearly do a lot more -- record videos, take quick snaps, serve as excellent ebook readers, as dedicated music players and gaming devices or even as talking dictionaries and television remote controllers! Yup, these phones were streets ahead of the 6610 and the rest of the pack. My fascination with Nokia phones grew tremendously as a result and soon I 'graduated' to the Nokia 6600 after spending a fortune, followed by the Nokia 6630, before my recent acquisition.

The point that I'm trying to get at here is that smartphones are the future. Sure, they cost more than regular, conventional phones, but I guess one has to pay a certain price for cutting-edge technology. In a few years time, you won't find anyone lugging around a portable radio, music player, ebook reader, a video recorder, a digital camera and a phone all the time.

No matter what people say or believe about the superiority of having separate devices today, convenience is what we, the human race, look for in everything. We epitomize's a proven fact. Don't believe me? Ask yourself a simple question...would you rather walk or take a ride to work? Next question...would you rather carry a sleek smartphone that does everything you can think of or all of the items mentioned above on your next trip to the beach? A simple answer, really.

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