August 5, 2007

Part I: Tweaking the N73!

OK, so you've bought the N73 and don't know what to do with it yet. Well, before you you start installing your favourite apps, be sure to follow the steps outlined below in the order listed. These can be a real lifesaver and help you get optimum performance as well as amazing battery standby times for your phone!

1. Head over to Nokia UK, download and install the Nokia Software Updater, connect your phone to your PC and update it to the latest firmware. The best part is that it's free of cost and beneficial for your phone as it fixes potential issues that may exist with your gadget.

P.S Prior to this, make sure your phone's properly charged and that there aren't any electricity issues in your area! The latter can especially be lethal!

2. Once you have the latest firmware installed, it's time to optimize your phone settings for getting the best performance out of it. From the main menu, navigate to Tools and click Settings.

- Ensure Active Standby's set to On. You can also change the Active Standby apps on the idle screen if you wish.

- In Display, click open Light Sensor and move the slider all the way to the right to really pump up the brightness. Also, set the Power saver time-out to something like 1 minute; set Sleep mode to On and Light time-out to 15 seconds. These settings will help you get outstanding standby times for your phone.

- In Call Settings, you may, if you wish, set the Reject call with SMS option to No.

- In Network, click open Network mode and set it to GSM (given that 3G isn't available in most places currently). Set Operator Selection to Manual and let the phone search for the correct operator.

The reason why I chose not to leave this to Auto is pretty simple. What's obvious to us isn't necessarily obvious to the phone. Besides, it may even help the phone processor by letting it focus on things that aren't as clear as day to us. You may, if you like, set the Phone & Writing Language to English instead of Auto too :p

3. From the main menu, head over to Logs and click on Settings. Set this to 10 days. Anything more really taxes the phone.

That's it for Phone Settings. I'll discuss my Top Apps for the N73 soon!

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