August 26, 2007

Wikipedia: Finally Available!

Hey guys, if you've tried the demo version of the Wikipedia Encyclopedia I posted earlier, I'm sure many of you must've been eagerly awaiting the latest release of the Symbian Wikipedia. Well, without further ado...Wikipedia is *finally* available for download (for free, ofcourse) on your S60 smartphone! But before you scroll below to download it, I'd like to mention a few things about this release.


  • WinRAR (to uncompress the files). The trial version is available here.
  • iSilo (installed on smartphone). The trial version is available here for all S60 devices.
Key features:
  • Approximately 2050 full-length articles, and over 3.5 million words (equivalent to a 4,000+ page book in text alone)
  • Storage Card & Phone Memory Compatibility
  • Keyword Search
  • Adjustable font sizes and styles
  • Cross Reference Links - tap on a link to easily go to the related article
  • An easy-to-use alphabetical index for all articles
  • Compatibility with ALL S60 devices, from the Nokia 7650 to the N95 :)
Special Notes:

I've split the file into 6 "dial-up-friendly" parts. Please note that you need all 6 parts to extract the file. Once you've downloaded all the parts, simply double-click "Wiki 06.part1.rar" and specify "" (without the quotes) as the password.

Then just click "Extract to" to extract it on your hard drive. You can later send it to your phone via the Nokia PC Suite or beam it via Bluetooth.


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Download Links:

- As a single file

Parts 01-06

- As a single file (mirror)

Parts 01-06

- As multiple files

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06


Hope you guys enjoy this release! I'm sure you will, since this has really taken up a LOT of time and effort. As always, I'm open to any comments :)

UPDATE: New download links added!


William said...

Thanks so much! You are the greatest! Gotta try this one out! Hope it doesn't take up too much space - the N73 can only hold up to 2GB lol

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work. Hope you can convert wikipedia in other languages too.

Spectator said...

This is an intereting project but online version is more preferable.

Spectator said...

You may be can use other free readers for this data. Links to them here:

Bernardo said...

I am unable to download from rapidshare... any chance you can put the file somewhere else? It can be in one piece, no problem!

T M said...

@spectator: Sure, I totally agree with you...the online version is more preferable and current. But you must also acknowledge the fact that if you can't get online due to some reason (e.g no reception while travelling or have no cellphone internet connection at all) and need to read up something or research, an offline encyclopedia is very convenient!

Although there are many capable ebook readers around, I chose iSilo over any other reader just because of its versatility and ease of use. Mobipocket, although very versatile, does not handle pdb files unfortunately.

@bernardo: Thanks for bringing that to my notice...I'll upload them someplace else shortly!

T M said...

Thanks for all the compliments guys!

Mst® Dev said...

Wikipedia is available through through which is mobile friendly. Also theough the original site, it's better to use ot through the S60 3rd Ed bulit-in browser which will appear just like PC. Space of memory is very important to be saved.

T M said...

Yup, I'm aware of wapedia. But incase you missed my reply above, an offline encyclopedia is very expedient when you're unable to get online due to some reason.

About the memory bit. I assume you're talking about storage cards. Sure, it's always wise to save space, but most newer phones don't face this limitation in the short run atleast, especially with multi-gigabyte cards becoming commonplace now.

David Gerard said...

Cool! What selection of Wikipedia did you use to get the subset? Wikipedia 0.5, SOS Wikipedia Selection for Schools or some other subset?

T M said...

Hey David! Thanks for writing in. I used the 2006 version of the SOS Wikipedia Selection since it had a reasonable number of articles and served as a good starting point. It probably isn't available online currently?

David Gerard said...

I don't think the 2006 selection is still up. SOS does plan to do one annually, I think. Andrew Cates of SOS (who is Wikipedia User:BozMo) is the main guy behind it.

T M said...

Yup, i figured as such. SOS are doing an amazing job nevertheless. Anyway, you can always use the one I've posted contains all the articles in the 2006 selection :)

Noel said...

Great work. I am going to treat this as an ebook, now commute to work will be that much more productive.

However i still can't download from rapid share, and am looking forward to another download link. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks so much!

do you know if there's going to be a large version, like lexipedia? with over 500,000 articles?

thanks again!

T M said...

Lexipedia was one of the reasons that inspired me to take this up...although I don't know if we'll get to see a 500,000 article version soon :)

But yeah, one thing's for sure: future releases will definitely have a greater number of articles!

@noel: Thanks for the comment, noel! A newer version of the encyclopedia is almost finished. I'll make sure I provide alternate download links with that.

Anonymous said...

how to read the .pdb file?

Tobi said...

downloading works fine, BUT:

i can not open the pdb with any reader - mostly out of a stupid reason:

in iSilo there its not possible to change the default path c:\... to the memory card e:\
same thing in MobiReader - there i dont even find the option to set a path...

how come?

Taha M said...

For reading the pdb file, you'll need iSilo (link given above). It will not work with MobiReader.

To set the path for locating the wiki in iSilo, follow the steps given here and your problem will be resolved!

Anonymous said...

more mirrors. same password.[/code]

shapan sutradhar said...

plz sire,update ur link.itz nt working